Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Weekend Bliss

We have been so busy lately!  It seems November is the busiest month of all but we've enjoyed every bit so far.  This past weekend two of our very good friends got married and the wedding festivities began last Thursday - with Mackenzie's bachelorette party!  It started at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and ended dessert and fun at Emily's home.  We had so much fun celebrating Mackenzie and getting her ready for her wedding!

Heather and I on our way to dinner!

Having fun!

Rivers and Becca (Bud's sister)

Heather, Katie and Katherine

Mackenzie and her mom, Jean

Mackenzie and Kristin playing speed to see if she can open her presents or not!  Turns out Mackenzie was really good at speed! :)

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at Jack Stack's Private Dining Facility in south KC but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures that night.  :(  It was so busy and there were a lot of people there but the food was so delicious and the company was delightful.  We hadn't been to a rehearsal dinner since our own and it was really neat to hear our dear friends being honored by close friends and family.

Saturday was wedding day!  I cleaned house Saturday morning and Jay and I got out our Christmas decorations so that they could be up after we got home.  Heather came over around 2 so that we could get ready together.  Mackenzie put us in charge of the guest book and cake so we needed to be prepared early!  I didn't take too many pictures at the wedding or reception because we were busy helping out and catching up with friends but it was a wonderful ceremony and a super fun reception!

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Bud Reynolds!

Lauren Bailey fell asleep on Jonathan... so sweet!

Bride and groom dancing the night away!

Sweet friends

Done serving cake... phew!  Tough job but we got it done! :)

So good to see the Looloians again!

Sending them off!  Have fun!! :)

Sunday morning after church I had made plans to see the new Twilight movie with Rachel!  We had so much fun together - Rachel made us turkey sandwiches and I got us some candy at QT!  It was a great movie and the company was even better!  Can't wait for Part 2, Rach!

After the movie Jay and I finished getting our home ready for Christmas!  

This was literally the first tree we saw - it was perfect!!

The hanging glass ornaments are new this year!  The "hanger" was a gift from Mackenzie and I've finally put it to good decorative use.  Thanks, Kenz!

We can't believe another year is coming to an end but we are so looking forward to Thanksgiving in Little Rock and spending some quality time with family.  Glad it's a short week, but we are thankful for jobs!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arkansas Homecoming

The title of this post has two meanings:  1) It was homecoming weekend at the University of Arkansas 2) Going to Arkansas really does feel like going home!  We planned this weekend as a camping trip awhile ago and we ended up scratching it for a "home"coming weekend in Rogers/Fayetteville.  Leslie was supposed to come, too, but her work schedule got messed up. :(  She came over Thursday night, though, to finish the birthday present we made for Lucy!

All finished!  Turned out so cute.

Just a cute pic of doggie. 

Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast all together and played with the kiddos!

Lucy and Uncle Jay made lots of towers!

Stewart joined in the fun, too!

After we got ready, Lucy was able to open her birthday present from Uncle Jay, Aunt Kiki and Aunt Leslie.  I told her she had to wait until the big hand reached the twelve (twelve o'clock) and she kept asking me "Is it at the twelve yet?"  She was so excited.  When she opened it, she was speechless then spent the rest of the day dragging it around the house.  Then she asked Allison "Mommy, can I take it to school with me?"  So cute.

Jay and I got to go down to the Cashion's tailgate for a little bit while while the kids napped.  It was fun to catch up with friends and their families!

Lauren's adorable son, Parker Wade, singing the fight song

Besties!  Minus Allison - we missed her!

Tailgating fun!

After tailgating, we headed back up to Rogers for dinner and more football!  Chris and Allison spoiled us with steaks, salads, asparagus and baked macaroni!  Yum yum!  Then we roasted smores on the fire pit outside!  How fun!

Lucy and Daddy

Girls gettin' warm!

Sunday morning we went to church - always a great time at Fellowship - and then out to lunch at The Mellow Mushroom.  It was a fun pizza place that we all very much enjoyed!  After lunch Chris shared his pop rocks with the kids... they loved them!!  It was so cute.

They all opened their mouths like "Listen to them pop!"

 It is always a joy to spend some extra time with family and friends.  We had a great time with everyone and look forward to more memories with the holidays coming up so soon!