Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kansas City's So-Called Pro Football Team :)

Hi again.  Today I'll blog about my random luck I had back in December.  So there is a radio station here in KC that plays continuous Christmas music starting the second week in November.  I know, it is crazy, but of course I love it because I LOVE Christmas music.  Well, a little before Thanksgiving STAR 102 (the radio station) began a game called "Holiday Squares".  If you have ever played "Memory", it is exactly that game.  The idea was that people could print off the game board from the STAR 102 website and play along every time the DJs said to be caller #12.  If you matched two squares, you won the prize!  Well, they really did have some awesome prizes like concert tickets, jewelry, giftcards and more.  Of course, I called in four times a day everyday for a month and a half because I was determined to WIN!  I did not win. :(  So on Friday December 11, 2009 I was getting ready for work-- it was about 6:45am.  Jay was still in bed because he did not have school.  I was listening to STAR 102 whilst putting on my makeup and the DJ said "be listening in a few minutes because before 7 o'clock we'll give away a family 4 pack of tickets to the Chiefs game this Sunday!"  I told Jay to get his phone ready because we were going to call in and WIN THOSE TICKETS!  A few minutes later I heard the cue to call and Jay and I frantically dialed the number to be caller #12.  I heard Jay in the background say "aww... I was caller 5."  Seconds later someone answered my ringing phone: "Hello, STAR 102!"  Really freaking out I said "OH MY GOSH AM I CALLER 12??!!!"  He told me I was and I couldn't believe it!!!  I actually won something on the radio just by calling in!  Who knew?  It really was an excting experience.  I hope you all enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed living it.  :)  So we ended up taking Matt and Shea Looloian (friends from church) to the game that Sunday.  It was really fun but, of course they lost.  Too bad-- but still fun. 

Right after we scored our only touchdown.  Good effort guys.

The group

Monday, January 11, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

So I am backtracking just a little bit because I have gotten SO behind.  For that, I am sorry everyone!  Let's go back to December...

As I said in my previous post today, I started a book club with several of my new friends!  We have read and enjoyed three books since September!  Every month is a different book and a different style of party.  I have hosted twice and my friend Heather has hosted once so far.  In September we read Same Kind of Difference as Me, October we read Three Cups of Tea, and in December we had a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas murder mystery themed party after we read And Then There Were None.  January brings yet another classic book-- Redeeming Love! It has been so fun opening our minds to read and discuss several new books.  Posting pics from the last three meetings...




Time Flies

Hi everyone!  I have so much to catch you all up on with our life!  But for now, I'll write a quick summary.  Before the holidays Jay and I did a few fun things: (1) Katherine started a book club with several friends back in September and they have read 3 books so far!  We had our December meeting on the 10th and it was a Murder Mystery themed party!  So fun! (2)  Jay finished his first semester of medical school on the 10th as well and he celebrated that night by going to a total guy movie-- he had a great time! (3) Katherine randomly won KC Chiefs tickets on the radio so we took a couple from church to the game on Sunday December 13, 2009. (4) Jay was able to go see his family the weekend before Christmas and spend some time with his parents, brothers, grandparents and aunt & uncle!  I was sad to have missed all the fun but was glad he was able to do that! (5) I was able to get Christmas Eve off so Jay and I headed south for Norman, OK to spend Christmas with my family.  We left the 26th for a week long vacation in Winter Park, Colorado!  We are now back at work and school and getting back into our daily routines.  More blog posts detailing each of the above and pictures to come soon!  Happy New Year to everyone!