Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picture Perfect Weekend (With Hardly Any Pictures)

This past weekend we had my Mom and Dad in town and we had such a fun time all together!  I hardly took any pictures {which I feel terrible about, but I'm getting used to this blogging thing after a month hiatus} but that doesn't mean we didn't have a wonderful time!  Dad and Mom arrived late Thursday night and after my half-day of work on Friday, Mom and I went to lunch at Olive Garden.  We met up back at the house to rest before dinner at BRGR in the Village.  We love BRGR and were excited to take Dad and Mom there.  We got there early to beat the crowd (that place is always so busy!) and had a great time talking about our upcoming trip to New York City!  After dinner Dad, Mom and Leslie went to see The Hunger Games while Jay and I went to see 21 Jump Street.  We didn't really like our movie but it was a fun night out nonetheless.

Saturday morning we all slept in, Dad brought back some Panera treats for breakfast and then we got ready to go to the River Market!  It was a beautiful day and perfect for shopping at the farmer's market.  I picked up some seasoning, Leslie bought some produce, Dad got some fudge and also some Amish bread!  After shopping around, we ate lunch at Minsky's pizza and then walked over to the look-out/walking trail over the Missouri River.

Pretty tulips at my house {from Instagram}

Dad and Jay walking the bridge {also from Instagram}

After walking around at the River Market we stopped by Sonic and saw this fun truck all decked out at the Westport Flea Market!

After Sonic we headed over to the Plaza for some more shopping and walking!  We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening walking around and looking for good deals and special finds!  I finally found the circle leopard earrings I've been wanting at Francesca's!  Yay!  After a rendezvous at Starbucks, we headed over to American Apparel (Leslie's place of employment) for Friends and Family night where everything was 30% off!  Talk about good deals :)  After an exhausting day of walking and shopping {it's hard work, folks ;)} we ate a late late Bo Ling's take-out dinner and hit the sack!  Dad and Mom left early Sunday morning to head to Rogers and we were sad to see them go but we had a wonderful time together.

Sunday afternoon we met Rachel for a matinee movie (The Hunger Games!) and then met up with her hubby for some Mexican food at Chelly's Cafe.  So fun to them and spend some time together, too.  This week is Jay's last week of surgery rotations and another normal week for me.  It's tough getting back into the work grind after such a fun and relaxing weekend but it makes us appreciate our time off all the more!

Jay Turns 26

Our lives have been quite uneventful lately which is why I have chosen to not bore you with every detail of it in the past weeks; however, there was a birthday in our household a few days ago - my hubby!  Jay turned 26 on March 16th and we had fun celebrating together!  He wanted a yummy steak for dinner so I made reservations at J. Gilbert's Wood Fired Steaks and Seafood.  We had only been there once before {and quite some time ago} so we were excited to try it out again.  Let me just tell you, J. Gilbert's did not disappoint!  We agreed that it had to have been one of the best meals we'd ever had!  They even gave us complimentary velvet cake for a birthday treat!  Here are a few snaps from the night:

Steak with mashed potatoes and lobster mac-n-cheese

Steak with scallops, sauteed spinach and wild mushroom risotto

I've been having fun on Instagram

After dinner {of course we hadn't had enough to eat already} we stopped by Jack Stack for our favorite dessert - bread pudding! - before heading home to open cards and presents!

Happy Birthday, Jay!