Sunday, October 17, 2010

Splendid Saturday

Well here I am again trying out this whole blog thing for the second day in a row!  I hope I can keep it up.  I was told once "keep it small- do a little at a time" so that is what I will try.  Thanks again, Rach.  Well as I said in my last post, we went to the Carrie Underwood concert last night at the Sprint Center and let me just tell you- it was INCREDIBLE.  Even if you do not like country music, you should go see her because she is probably one of the most talented singers in the world.  I seriously do not know how she does it.  She put on a great show and Jay and I really had a great time.  We were both amazed at how well she sang and I pretty much had goosebumps the whole time.  She is one of my favorite artists and I felt really lucky to get to see her in person.  Pics of the concert:

This is when she came out on a flying blue truck- pretty cool

This is her "Just a Dream" outfit 

This is when the light show was on her gown

I can't figure out how to upload videos yet... I will try to do that soon because you have to hear just a clip of a song she sang last night.  So unbelievable.  

Anyway, hope you enjoy those pics and hopefully you'll hear from me soon.  We're off to community group tonight and are gearing up for another busy week... 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Very Bad Blogger

Dear Friends and Family and those that follow my blog:

As many of you know I have not blogged in several months.  And by several I mean 6.  Six months!?  That is half a year people.  Anyway, I have come to the ugly realization that I am a terrible blogger.  I have recently been inspired by my good friend Rachel Rainwater to be a better blogger.  She does hers so well and I want to be more like her in that regard.  Therefore, today I am coming back from the blogger dead and am attempting to start anew my blog.  It had been so long that my cute background had expired and I spent several minutes trying to edit and change all that had gone bad on my blog.  I really do have the best intentions to keep you all updated on Jay and me and our "family"; so Rachel, if you are reading this, please keep me accountable- I know you will!  :) In the last few months several things have changed/happened so here are the biggies:

1.  Jay finished his first year of med school with flying colors.
2.  We moved into Wes and Catherine's rental home in Prairie Village- and we LOVE IT.
3.  We became, once again, aunt and uncle but only to a nephew this time- welcome Stewart Christopher
4.  We celebrated our 2-year anniversary on the Fourth of July
5.  I got a promotion at work!
6.  Jay got a new car-  an incredible blessing from family!

Everyone, thanks for bearing with me while I get back on my feet and rejoin the bloggers of the world!  Tonight we head to the Sprint Center to see Carrie Underwood (a birthday present from Jay) so I will take pictures and post them soon!  :)  Goodbye for now and more to come in the very near future.. and GO HOGS and SOONERS!