Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Club Movie Night

Last Tuesday we had our March book club even though it is already April.  I decided we needed to do something a little different so for our March book we read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks and instead of hosting a get-together, we went to see the movie!  It was really fun but, of course, we all liked the book a lot better!  We had dinner together at Mr. Gyros before the movie started and then headed over to the theatre.  We all really liked the movie and the book and I was glad to share my Miley fanaticism with my friend Rachel!  I forgot to take pictures at the restaurant and the theatre so I'm sorry about that!

Easter Sunday

Last weekend we had a happy Easter weekend!  Jay had to study most of the day but I was invited over to a friend's parent's house for Easter lunch and I had a really nice time.  It was great to have a place to go for such a family oriented holiday.  I felt welcome and comfortable!  I took a few pictures so I'll share them:

This is my good friend Heather!  We were at her husband's parent's house for lunch.  Cute friends in front of a pretty tree on a beautiful day!

Pretty spring buds.

Also, Millie and Dash are getting along better each day.  She really wants to play but is still a little scared.  Today she took a nap on the couch with me while Dash was sleeping outside!  Here they are "socializing" together on the couch.

Still a little hostile... :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Brings Spring

Well it's already the beginning of April and time is just flying by!  Work is getting busier (finally) and Jay continues to trek on with his studies.  He has gastro-intestinal finals next week and, of course, is staying so busy with studying.  We're also finally enjoying some warmer spring weather and it is just beautiful outside!  I've got some girl time planned today while Jay is at the school and then we're going out to celebrate tonight for a couple things!  Just a catch-up blog today and I'll post some more pictures of Dash and the green eggs I made in honor of April Fool's Day!

Sleeping soundly in his bed :)

Just hanging out while we cook dinner

GREEN EGGS??! Yummy.