Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Family Weekend

Last weekend I was able to go down to Davis, OK for a fun retreat with the women from my mom's side of the family.  We do this every year and this year was the first year we didn't go down to Tyler for the Pine Cove Women's Conference.  We all had such a great time just being us and having fun.  We definitely made it like the conference with different sessions, meals and even craft time.  The material and our discussions were so good - I definitely learned a lot and brought some lessons home with me.  :) It was a great weekend but, of course, too short!  Sunday morning we headed back our separate ways - Mom, Allison and I stopped in Norman and got winter pedis all together!  Allison and I had some really good quality time together on the car ride home.  Love ya sissy!  :)  

Chit-chatting over drinksies. 

Cake decorating for Aunt Carolyn.  Gosh that thing was beautiful. :)

Me and Mommy.  Cute.

This past weekend I had a Women's Ministry Event on Saturday - "A Day of Thanksgiving".  The church was decorated beautifully and it truly was a a spirit-lifting time with music, food and fellowship.  Then after that, while Jay was at the school studying, my "discipler" Jennifer invited Leah and I over for some pre-Thanksgiving baking.  Another great time of fellowship and food! :)  Thanks for the invite Jenn!  Saturday night Jay and I went to eat at Mr. Gyros (a favorite of ours) and to see Megamind.  Both were great!  Fun to hang with my hubby and relax together.  Today Jay had his last midterm of the semester and we both are so ready for the holidays!  This year we get Thanksgiving with my parents and  Christmas with Jay's!  We are so excited.  Next week is Thanksgiving!  We can't believe how fast time is  flying.  Well I'm snuggled with my doggie while Jay is at a meeting tonight.  Finally getting caught up on blogging.  Hope you enjoyed another post.  :)  Until next time....

P.S. Answers to the Halloween picture:  (from L to R) Chilean miner, Thing 1 & Thing 2, tiny elephant, Wendy Waldo, Princess Leia & Darth Vader and Will Schuster & Sue Sylvester from Glee.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Happenings Part 2

Hi everyone!

Well this blogging thing is a little more difficult than I thought.  Can you believe it has already been two weeks since I've posted last?  Well that is how busy things have been and I will try not to make excuses.  One step at a time!  :)  The last two weeks, like I said, have been busy and I've been home for a long weekend and Jay got to get away as well on a Men's Retreat with the church.  Then this past weekend was of course Halloween!  Jay and I had a busy weekend with a birthday party, football and Halloween of course!!  Friday night we went to Jonathan Sterk's 30th birthday party at Ward Parkway Lanes.  We had a full night of bowling for everyone and I did TERRIBLE but Jay did great.  My best score was a 75!  Yikes people... that is awful.  Needless to say, I will not be bowling for awhile.  AND, my arm was even sore the next day, to boot!

Jay and our friend Bud

Sweet friends :)
Then on Saturday we went over to Mackenzie's apartment to watch Nebraska beat down on Mizzou - oh yeah!  Afterwards, we ordered Noodles&Co and came home to switch out our summer and winter wardrobes - its getting chillier here and even a local radio station has started playing Christmas music!!  Wow.  A little early, I think.  

Then, on Halloween day we all sorts of fun activities planned!  Thursday on my way home from work I called in to a local radio station and won four tickets to the Louisburg Cider Mill and Corn Maze!  Ha ha!  It was so fun to be on the radio and use the tickets Sunday afternoon.  We invited Leslie and drove down after church and walked the corn maze, drank fresh apple cider and ate cider donuts! Yummy. :)

Sissies!! and random faceless scarecrow 

Hubby and wifey

We made it through!!

Sunday night we had a Halloween costume and pumpkin carving party at the Sterks.  We had so much fun!  Jay and I dressed up as Darth Vader and Princess Leia (costumes borrowed from church friends).  We also dressed up Dash and Millie as a pumpkin and chicken, respectively.  It was a little hectic right before the party, but we got a couple good pics!  Happy Halloween and now it is November???!

The family pic!

Dashie was such a good boy dressed up

Millie was freaking out a bit

Not getting along so well here....

We carved the Star Wars logo into our pumpkin - it was legitimate as you can see

Here is the whole group from the party - can you guess the outfits?  Answers coming next week!  :)

Well that was fun.  Last week I joined the Covenant Chapel choir and we have practice tomorrow night. We've got a Christmas concert coming up and I just can't wait.  I'm so glad to be involved in singing again and it brings back such good memories from choir in high school!  We've got another busy weekend coming up - I will be off to an exclusively family ladies retreat in Davis, OK and Jay will most likely be studying!  We'll see how soon my turn around will be once I get back... Bye for now. :)