Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healthy Competition

Last year, our friends Troy and Kristalynn Redstone invited us to watch the Arkansas vs. Alabama game with them (they are huge and highly devoted Crimson Tide fans) but unfortunately we were out of town, so we were unable.  So this year, we made sure it would work out!  We made plans to watch it at Troy and Kristalynn's home but before the game we made a little wager, also.  Troy decided that whichever team lost, the loser would have to wear the winning team's paraphernalia to church on Sunday morning!  Of course, we took them up on their offer because we were so confident in the hogs.

We had fun dressing up in our game day gear and headed over to the Redstones just before kick-off.  I made another pan of sassy tailgate sandwiches and Kristalynn had made some yummy dips as well.  The game started off decent and by half time we weren't too far behind (17-7).  Then, the second half turned terrible and we made too many mistakes, not able to stop the awesome Alabama offense.  Unfortunately, the hogs ended up losing the battle and Troy picked out the most atrocious Bama shirt he could find for Jay to wear to church.  Jay was such a good sport and we had a great time laughing, cheering, yelling, and for Jay and myself, being completely frustrated.  Here's hoping we'll beat LSU in the Battle of the Boot!

Good friends cheering for opposite teams!

I talked Kyra into putting on a face tattoo like me, so we had to take a cute pic!

The Redstone's dog, Dixie, even sported a Bama jersey

After the game: our smiles are fake, the Redstones' are genuine.  :)  And Troy forced Jay to wear that Bear Bryant hat...

Jay's outfit for church this morning.  It was  red seer-sucker shirt with an "Alabama Crimson Tide" patch that was way too big.  Ha ha!

After the Razorback game, we shopped at Town Center for a bit then came home to lounge, pay bills and watch OU play Mizzou.  That game wasn't much better but we managed to squeak out another victory and snap a few more cute pics!

This is the cute collar bandana that I bought Dash when I was in Norman!

Isn't he cute?!  Jay's not bad either, ha ha! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Farewell Looloians

I believe I have mentioned this in one of my previous postings, but our great friends, Matt and Shea Looloian followed the Lord's calling and moved to Pennsylvania!  They left for Harrisburg on Wednesday so before they left, Dylan and Katherine Kruger hosted a party for the YAMs group, sending them off in style, with well wishes and covered in prayer.  They have left a huge legacy here in KC, at Covenant Chapel and in our lives.  Matt got a job as a site pastor for a church called liberti harrisburg and we couldn't be more happy for them both. If you want to know more about what's in Pennsylvania for the Looloians, here's a link to their blog.  Enjoy the pictures from the party!

We will miss them so much - such great friends!

Some people say we look like sisters.  Do you see it?

Me, Heather, Mackenzie, Shea

Katherine, me, Mackenzie, Shea

Boys will be boys.

Praying over them before they leave.

We love you, Matt and Shea!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Community Group GetAway

Sorry it's been a little bit since I've blogged, friends!  We've been really busy lately with get-togethers, dinners, outing and the sort!  But I'm finally making some time to blog what happened last weekend.  Friday night our small group got together for our annual lake retreat at Mackenzie's parents' lake house.  We stopped for dinner at Chipotle and then headed down to the lake!  When we got there, we immediately started a fire and chatted well into the night!

Saturday we all woke up to a chilly, rainy morning, poured some tall mugs of coffee and got to spend some along time with the Lord around the dock and house.  

View from the house

New group members: Sweet Merrills, Bo and Anna!

Jim made these awesome rock formations - Lisa was there for moral support!

Heather and Jonathan made a wonderful breakfast for us all and then rain really set in.  We decided it was going to be too cold and rainy to go out on the boat so we stayed inside and played games.  Taboo - girls versus guys style!  It was so much fun and the girls won, of course!  Lunch time rolled around and we watched football for a little bit until we grouped together again for our discussion time.  We had an awesome talk about fearing God and how that plays an integral part in our relationships with Him.  We are so blessed to be surrounded with such stellar friends who love and revere the Lord.  After our discussion, we started another fire, the boys went swimming, took some pictures and got dinner ready!  OU played at 7pm and we were ready to root on those Sooners!  It was a great game and the Sooners grabbed another important victory!  I was more than thrilled.  After the game, we headed out to sit around the fire and talk late into the night again!

Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds

Jumping off the roof!

Scary spider, but kinda cool

Around the fire!

Group pic!  Love these people

Monday, September 12, 2011

Balloon Bust and The Scotts!

We had a great weekend together!  I'm sure you are wondering what the meaning of my post title is so I'll jump right in:  Friday night we had planned to go to Topeka for the "Huff 'N' Puff" Hot Air Balloon Rally.  We hardly ever do fun random things like that so we thought we'd try it out!  I met Jay in Leavenworth (where he is doing his rotation this month) and we headed out west towards central Kansas. It was rainy when we left but it looked pretty clear and the forecast said only 20% chance of rain.  Well, we got there and walked around the site a little bit (no balloons were up or out for that matter) and then it began to rain pretty hard.  We headed back to the car to wait it out...

Well we had to take a picture of something!

We waited about 30 minutes until the launch was supposed to start but the rain had not let up at all.  It was actually raining harder than when we had arrived and no balloons were out.  It was such a bummer and we both were really sad:

So what would make the night better?  A FUNNEL CAKE!!!  You must be thinking: "Wow, she really likes funnel cake."  Well that would be an accurate statement, my friend!  I truly do love me some fried curly batter and this one was one of the best I've had!  It was a fun early birthday treat.

As we were leaving, the sun was setting behind the lake so we pulled off the road to finish our funnel cake and admire the beautiful setting.  We were awed and grateful that the Lord gave us that small trinket of glory to dismiss the disappointment!

Saturday morning Jay reported at the hospital and I slept in, cleaned house, did laundry and picked up.  When he got home we didn't have a whole lot of time before Asante and Jenny's wedding!  I gave Jay a quick haircut and then we got dolled and gussied up for our night out.  We have waited in long anticipation for this wedding - they've been engaged for over a year and a half!  Jenny asked me last fall to participate in the wedding by praying before the dinner reception.  We were so excited to celebrate their marriage and were honored to be their guests!

As soon as we got there we saw Frankie and Bethany!  Yay for girlfriends.

Beautiful flowers - love my hubby!

Frankie was being a cheese ball but they looked so cute together!

It was a beautiful night after an afternoon rain.  Here was our view from our table.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott

First dance as husband and wife!  So sweet.

Me and the stunning bride.  She's such an amazing friend!

Jay and me with the bride and groom!  Our future Jamaican travel partners!

Sunday was another great day.  I sang with Jason on the worship team which is always a joy and after second service their was a "Sending Celebration" for our dear friends Matt and Shea Looloian.  People from the congregation had a chance to say a farewell and thank you for their service and ministry at Covenant.  They will truly be missed! 

Here's Dave saying some special words to the Looloians.  Lots of people cried, including me.  :)  

This is a busy week for us - normal as far as work goes - but lots of fun evening activities including my birthday on Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello Fall, Hello Football!

Labor Day Weekend begins such a fun season.  Even now, we are experiencing cooler weather and we are getting excited for all the fall has to bring!  One of those being college FOOTBALL!  This past weekend was the season opener for both our teams: Arkansas Razorbacks and Oklahoma Sooners.  I was able to go down to Norman Friday afternoon to visit my parents and hang out for the weekend and also go to the OU game!  Unfortunately, Jay had just begun a new rotation and was required to stay behind to check on his patients both on Saturday and Monday.  It was sad to leave him here but I was still happy to spend some quality time with my parents over the long weekend.  As I said, I was able to take off early, which is always a joy and so helpful when you are driving 5 hours, to meet my parents in Moore for dinner and a movie.  We saw "The Debt" and really really liked it.

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast at Jimmy's Egg.  It was so delicious!

Dad was on the phone with Great-Aunt Becky.  Oh well, we can't be picky when snapping a quick photo!

After breakfast, Mom and I went to Joe's Nail Salon to get our nails done!  We got there just in time because it got terribly busy about 10 minutes after we sat down!  Of course, I forgot to take a picture whilst there.  :(  After getting our nails down, we went home to lay out by the pool until game time.  My friend Sadie came over to hang out out for a while and we had such fun catching up.  Again I forgot to snap a photo of the two of us but here's one from my wedding:

Sweet Sadie Kay!

After Sadie left, we got ready for the game and headed down to campus to meet Dad's good friend Julius at our parking place!  We walked down to the stadium to do some shopping at the bookstore (even doggie got a souvenir which I will post a picture of next game day)!  We stopped for food on the bottom floor then headed up to our seats for kick-off!

Tribute to Home Sweet Oklahoma

Singing the University Song


Go Sooners!

Mom and me - the weather ended up being really nice!

Don't worry, all during the OU game I was keeping tabs on my Razorbacks and they won, too!  The scores were nearly identical and I feel like this will be a great year for both our teams!  

Sunday I got to visit my old church Wildwood and visit the sunday school class my parents help lead called Foundations.  It's for engaged couples to young families and they really enjoy teaching it.  After church we ate lunch at Qdoba and went home to rest for a bit before we went shopping at the new outlet mall in OKC!  It wasn't as good as the one in Florida, but shopping is always fun!  We all found some great things (even some shirts for Jay) and we were ready to go home for dinner and some rest!  Dad had bought some steaks to grill and Mom made twice-bakes potatoes.  I sauteed some mushrooms and onions and we also had steamed broccoli.  A delicious dinner indeed!  We ended up going to another movie on Sunday night.  We saw "Seven Days in Utopia" and liked that one as well.  It was definitely a light-hearted, "feel good" type movie.  

Monday I slept in, ate breakfast with Mom and Dad and headed back home to see my hubby!  Glad that this week is short - we have lots more on the calendar to share!