Monday, November 19, 2012

Four Weeks in Pictures

So this post is a little overdue, but I have a few exciting events coming up that I plan to blog about so I wanted to get these pictures uploaded.  Yesterday Caroline turned 4 weeks old and I can't believe it.  Time really does fly!  Caroline and I are having so much fun hanging out everyday.  I'm still adjusting to being a stay-at-home but learning everyday and becoming more confident.  I have learned to decipher her different types of cries, how she likes to be swaddled, the best positions for breast feeding and figured out the best-fitting diapers for her little bottom!  She is getting bigger everyday I feel like... her cheeks are more plump, her belly is filling out and I can tell she's gaining weight by the way she eats!  So far I love being a mom to Caroline but I think one of the best things about it is watching Jay as a daddy.  I'm so blessed to have Jay as my husband and Caroline is so unbelievably blessed to have him as her dad.  We're in love to say the LEAST.  So that's a quick update on the Thorpe family and here are more pictures of her last few weeks (including more pics from the hospital) for you to enjoy...

{And I apologize, these are in no particular order}

Aunt Alli

Aunt Leslie

Rachel and David came to visit again!

We made it home

Nana with Caroline who was apparently sleeping with one eye open :)

Cousin Lucy and daddy

Popa Stewart with a sleepy (or mad) baby girl

Sweet girl

Yup, we took her to be a part of history - early voting!

Early evening family walks

Social security card arrived!

Caroline takes her first bottle from Daddy - yay!  She's taking several more since then :)

My feet are normal again!!

Couldn't resist getting this Halloween shot.  My little pumpkins

First date night at Blanc Burger on the Plaza.  Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for babysitting!

My other child...

So sleepy

Dear friends the Dietrichs came over for a visit!

Popa Thorpe and Mimi

Sleepy smiles

We are girly girls for sure (no, I did NOT paint her nails, just mine)

Go Hogs!  Woo Pig Sooie!

Crazy hair

Snuggling with Daddy

and Uncle Matt

Oops!  Somebody's upset.



  1. Thanks for sharing, Katherine! Such sweet pictures. It's great to hear how the first few weeks have gone, especially as we prepare to follow in your footsteps a few months from now. Oh, and Jim and I have really been enjoying the cassette series on parenting that you and Jay loaned us. Very helpful information!

  2. Katherine! Gosh, Caroline is just amazing. So beautiful, and I love her smiling pictures. Just precious. I'm sure you're loving being a mommy.